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You're here because you want to transform your business into a successful one. And we at Marha Online are committed to help you achieve that. Our high-end technology-related solutions are ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises alike. Our expertise and sincere commitment together with our 'miracle formula for success' has led to many successful clients from around the globe. Here's a glimpse of what we offer right now...

  • Web-based solutions development
  • Client-server and stand alone solutions
  • Training solutions
  • IT Consulting

Should you need a hand, we're only a click away...

Why Marha Online?

Marha Online is new. But its founder is an expert in IT education and corporate solutions with his strength rooted in 20 years of 'evolving' technology.

In a very short period of productive performance, we've won the hearts and confidence of our clients in the USA, Europe and Asia.

We're reaching for the stars and you're welcome aboard...

VACANCY: PHP Developer - short-term & urgent

Are you skilled with PHP (no OOPs or frameworks), PostgreSQL/MySQL, AJAX? We need you for a month.

Salary: Rs.20,000. Call: 0722.980.688 on any day 8:00AM - 6:00PM. Selection by interview + test

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