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WarrantyTrack User Guide

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Finally, it’s here! Yes, we’re talking about the long-awaited user guide for the world’s first and most popular open source warranty management software – WarrantyTrack.

In keeping with our objectives of making things available to our users with least trouble, and in order to make this affordable, we’re giving away this user manual for just USD19. It’s a fantastic piece of documentation designed to A4 standard so that it is easily readable and printable if needed. The manual is provided in the form of an e-book and can be purchased here online.

Looking forward to your feedback, as usual 😉

WarrantyTrack launched

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

It brings me joy to finally make the WarrantyTrack software public. I hope this project turns out to be the most leading open source project of its kind.

I’ve hosted this project on sourceforge and it is ‘GNU GPL’ed. Here’s an introductory video to the software. Please look forward to more news on this product.

You are encouraged to try it and send me your feedback so that we may make this a better project.

The WarrantyTrack project has a fantastic roadmap and I hope to reveal this soon.


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