Hand coding websites – How to…

What does it mean and why do it?

Simply put, hand-coding means to write the necessary tags or lines of code by hand, without using a graphical interface. Usually when one speaks of web design, the first thing that may come up is DreamWeaver, a superb (but expensive) piece of software that you can use to create websites with ease.

But there are times when you may need to take full control of the process and write the code by hand. This video gives some reasons in brief and shows you how to code a web page by hand, simply by using a standard text editor. Depending on your OS (operating system) and kind of work you do, you may have a number of editors available like GEdit, NotePadd, NodPad++ and so on…

This is NOT a complete course on web design but is meant to get you started.


Happy learning :)

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