Learn web development for FREE

Are you interested in a career as a web developer? Here’s your chance to learn it for free in a real classroom, by an expert.

What you learn

  1. How to design websites using (x)html + CSS
  2. How to build interactive web applications using PHP and MySQL (LAMP/WAMP)
  3. Client-side scripting using Java Script
  4. Introduction to object oriented programming techniques
  5. Introductory graphics using InkScape + Gimp

What you need to be eligible…

You must have the following attributes in order to qualify:

  • Know at least one programming language well
  • Have a liking AND general skill towards creating programs/algorithms
  • Have a general literacy of working with databases (eg: Ms-Access, MySQL, etc)
  • Be willing to learn at a fast pace
  • You must be residing in Sri Lanka during the training period AND 5 months after it

Here’s the deal…

  1. You take a small written test based on algorithms and computer literacy
  2. If you pass you get selected for training
  3. During training, you have a chance of working on real-projects
  4. After training, you MUST commit to work for Marha Online for 4 months.
  5. After 4 months, you are free to go or continue as a member of the staff or work as a freelancer

Note: This is a full-time training program and you are required to put in your full effort and commitment during the entire period.

Commencement: Sooner the better
Days/Times: 9.00AM – 5.00PM

Contact: Mr. Khalid – 0722.980.688 between 7.00AM and 8:30PM

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