How to learn web development for free… Again!

Due to the results produced in the past and the birth of more professional web developers we’re doing this yet again!!!

Did you ever imagine than you could get a full training course worth LKR.20,000/- at absolutely no cost? Well, it’s proven true by us. What’s more, you even get to put on your record, 4 months of work experience along with your newly gained skills!

So why wait another moment..? Now’s the time to get to the top!

What you learn

  1. How to design websites using (x)html + CSS
  2. How to build interactive web applications using PHP and MySQL (LAMP/WAMP). And for those who don’t know, PHP is the world’s most popular web development platform.
  3. Client-side scripting using Java Script. It needs no introduction – JavaScript is clearly the best and first choice for secure and fast client-end browser programming, with least resources.
  4. Introduction to object oriented programming techniques. That’s right, like you’ve been doing in C++ and Java… But this time it’s PHP.
  5. Introductory graphics using InkScape + Gimp. Ever since we got this wonderful combination of super-easy and useful programs, we’ve never seen the color of Photoshop at work.
  6. Joomla – Yes, you may have heard of it. The world’s most popular open-source CMS (Content Management System)
  7. CodeIgniter. With a lot done to ease the life of the programmer, CodeIgniter takes you ahead by leaps and bounds, exclamation

So why is this free…?

We realised the demand for folks with the skill-set above, and also discovered the severe shortage of experts with real skills. Of course there are thousands of courses available by various institutions, but whether they succeed in delivering to meet the demands is questionnable.

As a software company, Marha Online has been faced with this dilemmna of finding the right skills. We don’t like programmers who take above skills as salt and pepper. Rather, we want them to have it as their main dish. So we decided that the best way to go about this would be to train our future staff. Thus the training program was born.

So what we do is give you the full training and hope that you’ll work with us for at least 4 months. That’s our pay-off. After that you’re either free to go, or you may be absorbed as a member of our full-time/part-time staff.

Of course this does not mean that you must work for us. You may also get the training and go your way. But here’s the deal… If you do leave us soon after training, you owe us the cost of training. Now isn’t that being reasonable…? We’re sure you’d agree that this is the best deal in town.

Here’s how to get the FREE program…

You must have the following attributes in order to qualify:

  • Know at least one programming language well
  • Have a liking AND general skill towards creating programs/algorithms
  • Have an elementary understanding of working with any one database system (eg: Ms-Access, MySQL, etc)
  • Be willing to learn at a fast pace
  • You must be residing in Sri Lanka during the training period AND 5 months after it
  • You must be honest, committed and punctual
  • You must NOT be employed as we will need your services afterwards

Well, if you’re not in the above category and you’d still like to discuss your training at the same level, please do get in touch with us.

Still want to go through? Read on…

  1. You take a small written test based on algorithms and computer literacy
  2. If you pass you get selected for training
  3. During training, you have a chance of working on real-projects
  4. After training, you MUST commit to work for Marha Online for 4 months.
  5. After 4 months, you are free to go or continue as a member of the staff or work as a freelancer

Commencement: Friday 21st December 2012
Days/Times: Friday – Monday 8.00AM – 10.00AM during training. Post-training work experience will be full-time – 9.00AM – 5.00PM

Contact: Mr. Khalid – 0722.980.688 between 7.00AM and 8:30PM

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